Grey Lynn born and raised DJ Andy Heart Throb is building a reputation for bringing new sound to familiar songs.

With a style not limited to one genre, but characteristic of a certain vibe, she brings together an eclectic sound to a wide range of audiences. Whether its Afro-beats, Hip-hop, R&B, Garage, Grime, Dancehall – Andrea has her own sound and is constantly fine tuning her live sets and reading the crowd.

Andy has opened for NZ fashion week, curated playlists and mixtapes for Fashion Quarterly magazine, Checks Downtown and Miss Crabb. She has held residencies with Verona bar, Shanghai Lil’s and is a frequent on monthly club night line ups and corporate events. Andy is also an ambassador for Edifier Global after her talent was recognised at Auckland City Limits festival 2018.

Her influence extends beyond her DJ work. As a trusted source for upcoming music, art and style, she runs Dynasty Collective with the support of Red Bull NZ backing the pop-up events she curates.

Check out Andy’s trusty Edifier speakers the S2000Pro here: