Edifier XM3BT Multimedia Speaker


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Modern Features and Convenience

Edifier XM3BT Multimedia Speaker is a modern 2.1 system designed for convenience and comfort while remaining packed with the latest in features and function, this result is an upgrade from the XM3. These speakers have been reworked with the latest components and firmware to meet the demands of today’s consumers while staying true to the original speakers.

Innovative Solutions

Edifier XM3BT Multimedia Speaker has a number of innovative solutions equipped that music enthusiasts will appreciate. Innovative features are the main selling point of the speakers plus the elegant design as well as the built-in FM radio and the Bluetooth function.

Multi Applications

Designed for home or computer workstations in offices the XM3BT is made of MDF and results in an enrichment of the interior and guarantees better sound quality and resonance. All the most important functions are in the side panel of the subwoofer which acts as the active column. As a result this allows for convenient and precise manipulation of sound parameters in such a way as to obtain the most appropriate sound. Selected sound settings can also be saved in the device’s memory.


XM3BT sets to receive any radio station, just sit back in your chair and tune in to your favorite station.


The Edifier XM3BT 2.1 Speaker offers a serious dose of power and results in some amazing crisp highs, lows and mids. The XM3BT with all these stunning features and compact size is perfect for home or office use and fits many apllications including music listening, movie watching and much more besides.




  • Multimedia speakers in MDF wooden enclosure
  • Bluetooth V4.1
  • FM radio tuner
  • LED lighting effects





SIGNAL TO NOISE RATIO : R/L: ?85dB(A) SW: ?80dB/li>

FREQUENCY RESPONSE : R/L: 150 ? 20,000 Hz SW: 50 ? 180 Hz

BASS UNIT : 5 1?4 ? inch (148mm)

MID-RANGE + TREBLE UNIT: 3 1?2 ? inch (88mm) x 2

WEIGHT: 5.31kg