Edifier S70DB Soundbar with Subwoofer


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The Edifier S70DB soundbar and subwoofer sound system is a perfect setup for any individual who needs extraordinary sound with limited space. The S70DB has EQ settings for three diverse modes including film, music, and news. This HiFi-level system yields 158W of intensity and the subwoofer adds to the involvement with profound thundering lows adding to what a soundbar can provide.

For digital connections you can connect via optical or coaxial for a high-quality playback on your computer, TV, or game consoles. Connect your phone or turntable with one of the two available RCA connections.

You can connect your devices wirelessly with lossless audio with Bluetooth v4.1.
Each mid-range bass unit is 70mm and is produced using an aluminum diaphragm. The bass units give an amazing execution in low-end spectrum of sound.
The tweeters of the S70DB give a clear unique Hi-Fi sound. The titanium film vault duplicates sensitive points of interest in execution.

Edifier’s S70DB completely incorporated soundbar handles high bitrate sound preparing up to 24Bit/192kHz, re-establishing more extravagant sound detail and unadulterated regular sound quality.

Control your soundbar and subwoofer system from the comfort of your seat. Change from various sources of info, for example, optical, RCA and Bluetooth from a press of a button. Control volume and playback from any Bluetooth source. Swap between three diverse EQ modes: music, motion pictures, and news.