Edifier S2000Pro Bookshelf Speakers


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Classic Luxury

Edifier S2000 Speakers – Edifier has brought cutting edge sound technology to a classic style, as a result Edifier’s S2000Pro bookshelf speakers pays tribute to the speakers from the past.These speakers elevate the classic style of bookshelf speakers because of modern advancements. The Edifier S2000 speakers are the perfect blend of classic design and performance as a result of Edifier paying attention to detail with the time-consuming process of wood processing seen on these bookshelf speakers, this results in the S2000Pro providing you the feeling of luxury.
Elegant Styling

With matte black paint with luxurious wood baffle plate, metallic surface grill, and gold pads underneath, the S2000Pro exudes elegance and demands to be the centre of attention. Coupled with genuine birch sideboards that add quality accents to compliment any décor because of this the Edifier S2000Pro appeals to old and young.
Low Distortion Technology

The S2000Pro comes equipped with a rich low-distorted flat diaphragm tweeter, meaning the flat diaphragm provides a fast response rate that gives inherent advantages such as excellent high frequencies that lower tiered bookshelf speakers do not provide.
Digital Electronic Crossover

The high-strength low-distortion from the aluminium cone makes sounds unique and clear this allows the S2000Pro bookshelf speakers to take advantage of the DSP digital electronic crossover thanks to the help of the KLIPPEL precise analysis system. As a result the metal aspects of these speakers do not emit the sound of metal meanwhile taking advantages of the metal aspects. Above all the energy absorbing rubber hemming results in giving the 5.5-inch aluminium cone woofer a precise, clean, and low-frequency performance.



  • L/R (treble): 12W+12W RMS
  • L/R (mid-range and bass): 50W + 50W RMS


  • Balanced input: 700±50mV
  • Auxiliary input: 600±50mV
  • Bluetooth input: 350±50mFFs
  • Optical input: 350±50mFFs
  • Coaxial input: 350±50 mFFs

TWEETER UNIT Planar diaphragm tweeters
MID-RANGE & BASS DRIVER 5.5 inch (148mm)
DIMENSON 8in x 13.5in x 10.5in (WxHxD)