Edifier R1580MB Lifestyle Speakers

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The Edifier R1580MB Lifestyle Speakers are loved by both commercial businesses and schools. The R1580MB system produces 42W RMS. The unit features 4 inch bass drivers and 13mm tweeter drivers in each speaker. Edifier R1580MB Lifestyle Speakers produce crisp clear highs and lows. Lower frequencies are emphasised by a front facing bass port, allowing for richer bass performance. The R1580MB’s most unique feature is the two microphone inputs designed to convert a standard set of speakers into a PA system. As a result of this the R1580MB’s are perfect for meetings, small spaces or even karaoke evenings. Devices can be connected using Bluetooth and dual RCA inputs. Volume, bass, and treble can be adjusted using the adjustment dials located on the side of the speaker.

The R1580MB Speakers are made up of an active and passive unit these are  designed to serve as bookshelf speakers, the two box shaped units have identical dimensions and with their black wooden appearance and a removable cloth front panel they exude quality and style. They are small enough not to take up too much desktop real estate but big enough to pack some decent  mid-range and bass.

The PA aspect of this speaker set fulfills a specific but necessary niche in the market. Who else supplies a well priced speaker set that doubles as a PA  or even karaoke system? If you are a fan of karaoke look no further than the awesome and innovative Edifier R1580MB lifestyle speakers.



  • 42W total power output active bookshelf speaker system
  • PA capable thanks to 2 mic inputs
  • Bass, treble and master volume controls located on the side panel
  • Class D amplifier with 4 inch bass drivers and 13mm silk dome tweeters
  • Wireless remote control with mute and volume adjustment
  • 100% MDF wooden enclosure to minimize acoustic resonance