Edifier S3000Pro Speaker Stands

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Edifier S3000Pro Speaker Stands plus Speakers

Edifier S3000Pro Speaker Stands Wood Grain Design

The Edifier S3000Pro Speaker Stands feature a beautiful and elegant wood grain design that perfectly matches the finish of the S3000Pro Speakers. The speakers in combination with the stands are sure to look amazing in any home audio set up. They will be sure to complement any decor. If you’re looking for the speakers look no further – http://edifier.co.nz/product/edifier-s3000pro-wireless-bookshelf-speakers/

The speaker stands are super easy to set up requiring only basic Allen keys to put together. As a result getting these stands set up only takes ten minutes! 

Elevating the speakers results in better audio playback

Shock Absorbing Mat 

The stands shock absorbing mat not only protects any flooring from damage it also helps to reduce unwanted resonance. Other extraneous noises are also reduced as a result. These stands will also help to eliminate unwanted bass frequencies or proximity effects. This in turn will make recordings sound more true.

Stable and Secure

With high quality MDF used in the construction process of the S3000Pro Speaker Stands you can be sure to get not only a better sound and thus a better listening experience. You’ll also achieve piece of mind knowing that your speakers will be kept safe and secure. The hollow internal structure of the speaker stands can be filled with sand. Doing this will result in further improving audio playback.

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