Edifier S2000Pro Speaker Stands

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Edifier S2000Pro Speaker Stands Lifestyle Shot

Edifier S2000Pro Speaker Stands Clean and Simple design

Edifier S2000Pro Speaker Stands are a great addition to any home or studio audio set up. It adds style and functionality all in one. The S2000pro/S1000db stands are a breeze to set up and enhances the look and feel of any environment its in. The atmosphere changes once we set our eyes on the clean lines and wooden finish of these speaker stands. Speakers can be found here http://edifier.co.nz/product/edifier-s2000pro-bookshelf-speakers/ http://edifier.co.nz/product/edifier-s1000db-bookshelf-speakers/

Easy set up

The Edifier S2000Pro stands are an easy set up and durable. Attach the S2000pro/S1000DB speakers and experience a heightened sound experience. Easy to put together with a simple array of tools, use the included allen keys and you’ll have your speaker stands up and running in no time at all! Improve your sound playback and reduce proximity effect through the use of speakers stands and enjoy music the way its supposed to be enjoyed. 


Not only do these stands look great in combination with the speakers but they will also elevate the speakers to the correct height. This will result in a more accurate reproduction of sound and will help to cancel out some of the effects of nodes and anti-nodes. 


The well-designed S2000pro/S1000DB speaker stands place the speaker on a solid platform, which helps achieve the best overall sound quality, especially bass. The elegant design negates the effect that vibrations may cause. This results in a more accurate reproduction of sound and will no doubt keep your neighbours happy at the same time.

Edifier S2000Pro Speaker Stands Lifestyle Shot 2